Doctor Helicopters in Your Area

As of April 2022, 56 Doctor Helicopters have been deployed in 47 prefectures across Japan. Included in the 47 prefectures is Kyoto Prefecture, a member of the Union of Kansai Governments which operates Doctor Helicopters, but there is no base hospital in Kyoto Prefecture.
PrefectureOperation Base HospitalDate Service Started
HokkaidoTeine-Keijin-Kai HospitalApril, 2005
Japanese Red Cross Asahikawa HospitalOctober, 2009
Jointly with Kushiro City General Hospital and Kushiro Kojin Kai Memorial HospitalOctober, 2009
Hakodate Municipal HospitalFebruary, 2015
AomoriHachinohe City HospitalMarch, 2009
Aomori Prefectural Central HospitalOctober, 2012
AkitaJapanese Red Cross Akita HospitalJanuary, 2012
IwateIwate Medical University HospitalMay, 2012
YamagataYamagata Prefectural Central HospitalNovember, 2012
MiyagiJointly with Sendai Medical Center and Touhoku University HospitalOctober ,2016
FukushimaFukushima Medical University HospitalJanuary, 2008
NiigataNigata University Medical & Dental HospitalOctober, 2012
Nagaoka Red Cross HospitalMarch, 2017
ToyamaToyama Prefectural Central HospitalAugust, 2015
IshikawaIshikawa Prefectural Central HospitalSeptember, 2018
FukuiFukui Prefectural HospitalMay, 2021
TochigiDokkyo Medical University HospitalJanuary, 2010
GummaJapanese Red Cross Maebashi HospitalFebruary, 2009
IbarakiJointly with Mito Saiseikai General Hospital and Mito Medical CenterJuly, 2010
SaitamaSaitama Medical CenterOctober, 2007
ChibaNippon Medical School ChibaHokusoh HospitalOctober, 2001
Kimitsu Chuo HospitalJanuary, 2009
KanagawaTokai University HospitalJuly, 2002
YamanashiYamanashi Prefectural Central HospitalApril, 2012
ShizuokaSeirei Mikatahara HospitalOctober, 2001
Juntendo University Shizuoka HospitalMarch, 2004
NaganoSaku Central Hospital Advanced Care CenterJuly, 2005
Shinshu University HospitalOctober, 2011
GifuGifu University HospitalFebruary, 2011
AichiAichi Medical University HospitalJanuary, 2002
Fujita Health University HospitalFebruary, 2024
ShigaSaiseikai Shiga HospitalApril, 2015
OsakaOsaka University HospitalJanuary, 2008
NaraJointly with Nara Medical University Hospital and Minaminara Medical CenterMarch, 2017
MieJointly with Mie University Hospital and Japanese Red cross Ise HospitalFebruary, 2012
WakayamaWakayama Medical University HospitalJanuary, 2003
HyogoToyooka HospitalApril, 2010
Jointly with Hyogo Prefectural Kakogawa Medical Center and Hyogo Prefectural Harima Himeji General Medical CenterNovember, 2013
TottoriTottori University HospitalMarch, 2018
ShimaneShimane Prefectural Central HospitalJune, 2011
OkayamaKawasaki Medical School HospitalApril, 2001
HiroshimaJointly with Hiroshima University Hospital and Hiroshma Prefectural HospitalMay, 2013
YamaguchiYamaguchi University HospitalJanuary, 2011
TokushimaTokushima Prefectural Central hospitalOctober, 2012
Kochi Kochi Health Sciences CenterMarch, 2011
EhimeJointly with Ehime Prefectural Central Hospital and Ehime University HospitalFebruary, 2017
FukuokaKurume University HospitalFebruary, 2002
OitaOita University HospitalOctober, 2012
SagaJointly with Saga University Hospital and Saga-ken Medical Centre KoseikanJanuary, 2014
NagasakiNagasaki Medical CenterJune, 2006
KumamotoJapanese Red Cross Kumamoto HospitalJanuary, 2012
MiyazakiUniversity of Miyazaki HospitalApril, 2012
KagoshimaKagoshima City HospitalDecember, 2011
Kagoshima Prefectural Ooshima HospitalDecember, 2016
OkinawaUrasoe General HospitalDecember, 2008